Step by Step Guide on Partnering and Adding Restaurants in Zomato

If you are planning to add a restaurant or partnering with Zomato, just follow these simple steps to know about the registration process.

Zomato and Swiggy have been the best choice for customers who are wishing to order food online. In this case, having a presence in online platforms becomes vital for the long-term growth of the restaurant business.

Now you will get to know to add restaurants in below steps

Step 1: Visit  and click Add restaurants button at the bottom of the page

As you can see in the above image click on Add a Restaurant button.

If you are not finding just click here to add restaurant directly.

Step 2: Fill the basic information

You just need have to fill below data:

  • Restaurant name
  • City
  • Owner or Manager (they will ask you whether you are the owner or a manager of the restaurant that you are adding)
  • Contact Number
  • Opening Status

Note: If think that the above information is enough then click on Add Restaurant button Or If you want to add more information about your restaurant then follow the below steps.

Click on Add more info to get more details.

Step 3: Now add your Restaurant Location and Features

Before adding collect all your restaurant details in hand and start filling.

  • Address ( add the restaurant correct address so that google will find your location accurately or also you can drag the adjust in the map)
  • Characteristics of your restaurant

Fill all the information about your restaurant which is shown below.

After adding features then select Opening and closing timings of your restaurant and Contact information which is useful for the customers who can contact you for any queries regarding your restaurant. Add Restaurant Website link and restaurant official email ID.

Step 4: Your listing is Complete

After adding all the above details you can click on Add Restaurant button. Now listing your restaurant is completed, Once you submit the button the verification process will start and your page will go on live after post verification.

Step 5: You will be contacted by Zomato sales Representative to check the details

For checking you must have the soft and hard copies of the following documents:

    • Shop License
    • FSSAI License
    • GST Number
    • PAN Details

Advantages of partnering your restaurant with Swiggy

1. Piggyback on Zomato’s marketing

It is always challenging to formulate a marketing strategy for your restaurant. A strategy that encompasses all the essential marketing levers–website, social media, app, billboards, TV commercials, YouTube ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, CRM–email and SMS and so on.

2. No need to care about delivery

Managing deliveries is always a tedious task. Taking orders from customers directly is also a pain. Zomato will do that for you. The core selling proposition of the leading food aggregators is timely delivery and excellent order tracking. The success of a food aggregator relies on the customer experience it is able to provide. However, there has been an increasing trend in restaurants recruiting their own delivery fleet off-late.

3. Reviews on and Zomato

Zomato has produced great products to help clients discover new places to eat.  Zomato provides consumers with outstanding forums for evaluating restaurants, finding out what people are saying about them and then making a well-informed decision.

4. Built for customer service as a priority

With its outstanding order monitoring tools, consumers can now keep up to date with their shipping status. We are very quick to respond and answer questions on the rare occasion of distribution difficulty. In reality, if they decide to miss the order from the consumer, they are likely to reward them for the next order with free credits.

Also, check how to tie-up with Swiggy

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