Restaurants Helping Medical Workers by Sending Meals

Restaurants Helping Medical Workers Sending Meals health care

While the COVID-19 pandemic persists, restaurants tend to do as they already do: taking care of their communities. While the COVID-19 pandemic persists, restaurants tend to do as they already do: take control of their families. Many of them need food, and restaurants across the world are stepping up to help. They provide free food to frontline emergency personnel, laid-off restaurant employees and their friends, and essentially everyone else in need.

One of the most heart-warming tales to emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic is how restaurants began to serve frontline medical workers for free. Several groups have risen together to raise contributions, to disperse them to restaurants, and to link certain restaurants to hospitals in need.

Feeding Health Care Workers

Another such company, Frontline Foods, has hundreds of outlets providing food for healthcare employees. A combination of hospitality staff created a collective that now has branches around the country, from Maine to California. San Francisco’s fine dining restaurant Nightbird is one endorsed by Frontline Foods, which prepares hundreds of meals a week for medical staff.

Feeding of laid-off restaurant workers

With three million restaurant workers already laid off since March 1st, the money needs for this group are at an all-time high. So Isaac Toups, a former top chef, stepped in to help, and cooked free meals for anyone who’s hungry and can’t afford a meal, no questions asked — to the tune of 400 meals a day from his New Orleans Cajun restaurant Toups Meatery.

Feeding those in need

Despite classrooms closing and food banks experiencing rising competition, restaurants are working to bridge the void between the poor and the vulnerable. The famous Portland Eastern European restaurant Kachka has a variety of various services to feed schoolchildren, women’s shelters and the general public.
In addition to this work, she keeps her regular business going. Morales opened a general store in Kachka late last year, pivoting to selling grocery stores and supplies online, as well as reheating meals. She’s even been serving people on occasions like Passover.

Restaurants Helping Medical Workers Sending Meals health care

Donating Food for Health Care Workers

Check out the restaurants, food companies, and delivery services that are feeding those in frontlines from online food companies are listed below:

1. Bread Basket – Donate a customized box of bread and candy ($30) to health staff at Montefior Medical Center, North Central Bronx Hospital, Hoboken University Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital.

2. Beyond Meat –  The company is donating food to food banks and health workers in New York , Los Angeles and other cities.

3. Goldbelly – Purchase a City Subscription Food Box for New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami, and 100% of the net profits can go into the sale of Goldbelly Food Boxes to healthcare staff.

4. Hydrant – Healthcare workers can claim free hydration mix products directly from the Instagram account of the brand. Hydrant also donated 6,000 rapid rehydration packages to physicians , nurses and hospital administrators through the Mount Sinai Health System and the Saddleback Medical Center.

5. Territory Foods –Donate food to community employees in California, New Jersey, Washington , DC, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Territory will donate an additional meal to the hospital in the above-mentioned regions for every two meals donated.

Final Thoughts

Donations, grants and fundraising are keeping these programs going, providing not only food for the hungry, but also restaurant work for those who have been laid off or relieved of duty.

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