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Police Station, 3027, Pb Road, opp. Market, Khade Bazar, Raviwar Peth, Belgaum, Karnataka 590001

Niyaaz is a chain of restaurants that have been operating in Belgaum for over 28 years and has now moved to other cities, offering authentic Indian cuisine that will take you on a grand and passionate journey of flavors.

The most popular dish prepared is the local Belgaum biryani, which gives you a taste of heritage that is unique to the city, with a strong aroma of saffron in Belgaum Basmati Rice and delicious pieces of succulent meat cooked to perfection, blending traditional spices and vegetables to create a dish that is refined, delicious and subtly flavored. Biryani is usually enjoyed with Dahi chutney to enhance the taste of a delicious, warm and fragrant meal with a heavenly twist to this favorite Indian delicacy.

The restaurant also serves mouth-watering Awadhi delicacies, kebabs and a variety of other dishes prepared using the freshest ingredients hand-picked by highly qualified chefs who work in unison to bring you a culinary experience par excellence, ensuring that guests have a delicious dining experience with excellent service and an ambiance that is best suited for a relaxed lunch or dinner with the family.

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